My Name is Matt
I'm a 30 year old developer.
Currently, I work as an SAP ABAP developer and consultant for a large German hospital, with my focus being material management and logistics. However, my tasks often involve other SAP modules and include broader topics like system architecture, networking, and server administration.

I enjoy all things tech, it's a passion both as a hobby and professionally. To the surprise of nobody this led me to work in IT, first acquiring the title of Certified IT Professional and then transitioning into my employers in-house SAP development team.

While my professional development experience is mostly in the realm of SAP I've dealt with many different languages and systems over the years. I learned C# in school and to this day it is my programming language of choice. Nevertheless, learning a new language is also exciting and I occasionally dive into interesting open source projects, which I sometimes fork and modify mostly for personal use.

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